It’s relevant, some people smoke more than others. However, the more people smoke from a hookah, the faster they burn the taste. Our experience says that 1-2 people per hookah are ideal.

Absolutely nothing is needed, All the equipment will be brought to your place by our team.
This equipment (depending on the order) includes:
– the selected hookah
– the heads required for the selected rental time
– the coals for the selected rental time
– eye to light the coals
– fruit or aromatic for water

You do not need to do anything. Our partner, who will bring it to your place of order, will prepare it with the appropriate tools that will supply you. Once he has prepared it, with the necessary guidance from the partner, you will be ready to smoke.

That’s right, you can choose blonde or black tobacco. Blonde smoke is suitable for lighter smoking while black is for heavier smoking.

One of our partners will call you to confirm your choices, and answer any questions you may have.

In case of damage (accessory, bowl, hookah, bowl, etc.) or even theft, the consumer must comply with the terms of use he has accepted when ordering.

The hookah should be at the place where the order was placed. In any case should not be transported outside the place of order.